The Covid quarantine has dramatically and subtly altered our lives.  It’s been a time of self-reflection and isolation.  I have long been interested in expressing in photographs my relation to my own work while also enticing the viewer into the question of what the artist’s role is in creating images.  It’s easy with photography to forget the artist’s imagination, to say nothing of the viewer’s, as the center of what is being seen as opposed to the object being photographed.  These photographs for me are an extension of a multi-year project in producing multiple images.  The quarantine paradoxically was a time of being alone with my process, but also being surrounded by this destructive unseen force, knocking at my and everyone’s door.  Then we added man’s inhumanity to man, and I found that darkness creeping into these self-portraits. I was very moved by the self-portrait exhibit of Lucien Freud, which ironically turned out to be the very last day before the MFA closed.  I wondered what it was about painting that allowed self-portraiture to be such a common thread in an artist’s development, but so rarely in photography with the glaring exception of Cindy Sherman. These questions wove themselves into my process and led to this body of work.  Please see it as an invitation to visually wonder about your role in looking at images.