For me, the woods have been a refuge of quiet and of wonder.  They sing the great circle of birth, death, and renewal.  But for a long time, I have felt the creeping plague of climate change, quietly eating away not just at the forest refuge but at the very hope that our grandchildren will find places of solace.  I didn’t go into the forest to photograph that concern.  I was joyously learning the serendipity and artistic potential of multiple image, in camera photography.  Nonetheless, I saw the emergence of this dark message, peppered with hope and light.  My intention is to capture this emergent sadness with the wonder and awe of nature’s beauty.  I hold the hope that to experience nature’s wonder is to own our responsibility for it’s survival.    


These photographs were all done in camera, adding images, combining moments, playing with color in the camera, in many ways like painting.  

Fall BlueSleepy HollowDon't Go ThereWhere We're GoingHudson RiverShenandoah StormConnemara RainingThe Fires BurnedWhat's LeftWinter's FireJourney Down The RiverJapanese SpringCow's GrazingFall Is HereOrange TreeWinter DreamAzalea BloomingMontana DreamingOn the Way to StockbridgeOld Man DreamingMonument Mountain SingingConnemara 3Connemara 2